YouTube SEO: How To Make Your Channel Stand Out

Users love videos, they are highly engaging and act as a great way to connect with your audience. The area of video is growing, more and more people prefer to watch a video then read the content equivalent. If you are looking to engage more with your potential customers, then video is certainly the way to go. If you need help, speak to a Sydney SEO firm.

A lot of other businesses understand this and therefore the video space is getting more competitive by the day. If you are looking for a place to showcase your business’s videos, the best place is obviously YouTube, with over 1.8 billion monthly users.

YouTube is such a popular space you would be silly not to include your videos here. But with so much competition around, you need to be doing all you can to properly optimise your account and ensure you are found.

You spend a lot of resources creating your videos, you don’t want all that effort to go to waste. So, you will need to invest some additional time in YouTube SEO. More eyeballs on your YouTube videos can also translate into my eyeballs on your website and potentially more sales.

So, have a look below at some of the best ways you can optimise your YouTube account:


YouTube SEO Tip #1: Featured Video/ Channel Trailer

What is the most important video on your account that you want the most people to see? Well, you should make that your featured video on your account. Remember, that a user has to be signed in to view your featured video, if they aren’t signed in then they will see a channel trailer.

This could well be a users first point of contact with your channel so you need to ensure it is a good one so they continue to view your videos and come back to see the new videos you create.

The most successful YouTube channels usually have a featured video of what they believe to be a good example of what the rest of their content holds. Or you could try a different tactic by making the featured video or channel trailer all about getting the user to sign up.

No matter if you are using a featured video or a channel trailer, you will need to have a think about what you will be including in the description box to the left of your video. Typically, you should aim for about 100 words so you can please both users and the YouTube and Google algorithm.

In your description you should also add a call to action as well as a relevant link. By including this in your featured video or channel trailer you are making sure this is highly visible on your page.


YouTube SEO Tip #2: Channel Art

Channel art is a good way to showcase to all what your YouTube channel (and business) is about. Your channel art would be placed in the banner that runs across over the top of your page, between the search bar and the title of your channel.

Your channel art should obviously be eye catching and in line with your overall branding. The sizing that you should be aiming for is usually around the minimum 2500 x 1400 pixels.

If you can make it work, channel art can be the prime real estate for your brand and getting key pieces of information to your audience. You should also look to include a call to action here as well.


YouTube SEO Tip #3: About Tab

While this is not showcased on the “home page” of your profile, you cannot forget about the “about” section of your account. Here you should add a detailed description of your channel. Be bold and creative to ensure better engagement.

You can pretty much write as little or as much as you like and link to other places, like your website, business email and social media accounts. The links in the body of the text will not be clickable, but you can place some links in the footer of the page, which users can click on.


YouTube SEO Tip #4: Playlists

When you have enough content on your YouTube account, the best way to organise things to ensure users can find what they are looking for even faster is to create playlists. You should look to create playlists for your most popular content and any other content that have a related theme.

There is no specific rule when it comes to creating playlists, you have a good idea of your own content, so do what you think work the best. You should try to think of playlists from an SEO perspective because highly viewed videos will usually rank better. Playlists really do make things a lot easier to find for viewers.



Why Artificial Turf In Sydney Can Be Such A Great Idea To Use For Commercial Venues

There are many people out there all around the world who are currently in charge of maintaining a commercial venue. This may be in the form of a cafe or restaurant or it may be something else such as a pub or a golf course whatever it maybe, the principles are still the same and people will need to be ensuring that the venue is looking as good as it possibly can every single month of the year. And when people are able to ensure this, they will likely find that they will be able to attract repeat customers who will quickly become loyal fans.

This is because when people are able to trust a business, they will find themselves returning again and again and they will tend to bring their friends and family members with them. And once people have customers such as these, the chances are that they will be in business for many years to come. So, for any business owners or managers out there who may be wanting to make their lives a bit easier, here is why artificial turf in Sydney can be such a great idea to use for commercial venues.


Artificial turf in Sydney can be such a great idea to use for commercial venues because the maintenance is so low

The last thing that people want is to be so stressed at work that they are constantly running around like a headless chook. Furthermore, when people are overworked, they will often find that they find it really hard to unwind when they get home or when they do have time off. As this could be the case artificial turf in Sydney can be such a great idea to use for commercial venues because the maintenance is just so low.

This means that those who are taking care of some kind of property able to take one more task off their hands when they do look into this kind of product. And even though this may only save them a few hours a week, these few hours can quickly add up when they start taking this approach to lots of different areas as well.


Artificial turf in Sydney can be such a great idea to use for commercial venues because it will help the area look so good all year round

man while golfing

For anyone that owns or manages a business, they will understand that having a façade that is pleasant looking can be key when it comes to not only attracting customers but when it comes to keeping them coming back. For example, if someone is running a restaurant that looks great at one time of the year and the same person comes back another time only to find that it doesn’t look the same, then this can sometimes lead to distrust and they might not come back again. Be this as it may, artificial turf in Sydney can be such a great idea to use for commercial venues because it will help the area look so good all year round.

This means that it doesn’t matter if it is pouring with rain outside of if there is scorching sun, customers are still able to be surrounded by a lush, green lawn. And this will often make a point of difference from the competition who may even close their outside areas at certain times of the year because they can’t keep up with the maintenance. And so, it can be seen that there are many benefits to enjoy.